Non-linear editing

Types of video editing

In fact, editing is just as important as the video itself. It’s the editing that gives the atmosphere and character of the video shoot. The main tasks of video editing are cutting out unnecessary sections, “glueing” separate fragments, selecting the necessary transitions between them, creating the necessary special effects and selecting captions. There are two main types of video editing: linear and non-linear. Linear mounting is a re-recording of the video sequence from two (or more) video sources to the device with cutting out unnecessary and “glueing” the necessary scenes and adding the specified effects. The main drawback is a loss of quality, high labour costs and a huge amount of video equipment. Let’s consider a non-linear one, which, at the moment, simply displaced the other types of video editing.

Non-linear editing

To put it simply: when using non-linear editing all video is cut to pieces. Then all the “pieces” are captured in the right sequence and format using special computer editors (Premiere, Liquid, Final Cut, etc.). At the same time, video slices can be cut and edited at the director’s discretion. For this purpose, a so-called “list of editing actions” is created. The newest computer programs of the latest generation for video editing open up fantastic possibilities of video editing. Some have more than a hundred effects of transition between videos and more than fifty video filters with the constant ability to connect new ones.

List of editing actions

The list of editing actions is an instruction (you can say “cooking recipe”) for the computer of the exact sequence of “pieces” and their start/end moments in the final video product. As in the cookbook, the video is prepared according to a “recipe”. Moreover, the list has all the information about possible sound changes and types of installation transitions, and they can be of different complexity. At the same time with the creation of this list, the color scheme and video setting are formed.

Modern video editors are constantly being improved and offer consumers new and new features, and it is not necessary to change the hardware, you just need to buy the necessary update to the program. Successfully combining the tools of all kinds of applications, our video editing directors create real wonders! However, there is no point in telling about each of them, it is much better to see them yourself. Almost all existing commercials, movies, programs that we see on TV screens every day, as a rule, are created using non-linear video editing systems.

And for example: a video of VideoNova Production backstage created with the non-linear editing.

Video with non-linear editing.

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