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Imagine watching a commercial without music. No music at all, only video and a clear speaker’s voice. For example, our speaker is a professional with many years of experience and pronounces the text with the expression, and the video itself amazes with its beauty, quality and saturation, there is a professional work of the video production team, but still, something is missing and want to switch the channel as soon as possible. What is the problem? That’s right! There is no background music! Some music tracks from commercials are remembered and played in the memory even after the end of the advertising campaign, some are erased immediately, but the fact is not disputed – it is impossible to create a quality video without using music tracks. When creating a commercial (report, film, program, etc.) there are two options for choosing a musical accompaniment – writing original music and using Creative Commons.

Creative Commons

Actually, Creative Commons is a not-for-profit type organization that owns the idea of creating free model contracts, the so-called free and nonfree public licenses. With their help, composers and right owners of tracks can freely share their works, and consumers of this content can use it legally. Currently, several types of licenses have been created for authors of works. Let’s get acquainted closer with the most important characteristics for us – producers and customers of video products. When choosing a service, the so-called “free” license is used. It’s a contract where the right holder allows the user to use his or her work (we’re currently looking at musical works, but in fact the same license may apply to other cases – software, for example). There is a certain list of ways to use tracks:

1. To use music for different purposes.

2. To explore it (this is more about the software).

3. Create and distribute copies.

4. Create your own modifications, publish and distribute the changes.

Without this specific license, these activities are, as we all know, prohibited by copyright laws. In virtually every country in the world, copyright is protected automatically without any formality, all powers are fixed by the author, and the use of his works is prohibited.

Let’s summarize.

If the budget of your commercial (report of the event, presentation, corporate film, etc.) does not allow you to hire a composer and create a unique musical range – it is always possible to use free music! And for example, I suggest watching the VideoNova Production showroom, where the music of Creative Commons is used!

VideoNova Production Showreel

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