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Our clients can be both marketers and company director. It is much easier and faster to work when the person with whom all processes are discussed and the person who makes the final decision is one person. Since when the marketer has to coordinate every step with the executive who cannot give an answer due to other urgent matters, the process slows down while waiting for the final instruction.

There are other reasons for misunderstandings: we had a case when a client wanted a sexual or funny video, and the examples we gave him seemed vulgar or bored. To avoid this, we ask for examples: any videos they like to “get the point,” as they say. Also, before discussing the idea of a video, it is important to stipulate the budget allocated for its production. There is a considerable budget gap between filming a helicopter flight and buying a stock video with it. When we have an understanding of how the client represents the video and what the budget is, we can start generating ideas.

The process of video creation

When the client approves an idea, the description of the general idea is given to the scriptwriter. After that, the finished text, again, is coordinated with the client through the marketer. It is very important to have contact with the customer at each stage of video creation so that it does not work when the client wants one thing, the marketer – another, and we do the third.

Before to start shooting or creating an animation, we draw a storyboard. A storyboard is a set of pictures that show our vision of each scene: what the character will look like, where he will be in the frame and what actions to take. The client and the marketer can make their corrections to individual scenes or change the general concept of the video. Sometimes, when the client sees the visualization of the future video, he realizes that his presentation of the video initially did not correspond to the general concept. It’s easier and less expensive to remake a storyboard than to remake the whole video. That’s why it’s the main stage of our work when creating a video.

So, when the storyboard is approved, the stage of preparation for the shooting begins. It includes: location selection and casting. We’ve been casting humans, animals and even human body parts. It is not difficult to choose a location – most often it is a studio: there is a confidence that the bird will not fly into the frame, a gust of wind will not shatter the hair of the actors, the change of weather will not threaten the equipment. But shooting in the open space is not to be afraid, in our practice, there were no cases when the vagaries of weather slowed down the process. For example, for shooting a social video #somethingwentwrong we created rain during the sunny weather, although it is a little more difficult to do the opposite.

Video editing seems like an easy task, but in practice, cutting and filming is also a creative process. Usually, we shoot multiple takes, so we need to review them all and choose the best ones. It also happens that the information process reveals flaws in the footage and you have to shoot some scenes. Also in this process includes stuffing voice-over text speaker, if necessary, and selection of background music, as well as titre animation and colour correction of the entire video.

We’re working for results!

It is a great joy for VideoNova production to be able to work with purposeful, creative and extraordinary people. We appreciate every customer and always strive to make sure that the customer is satisfied with the result. Contact us and we will gladly answer all your questions!


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