Video Stabilisation

Digital video stabilization

Digital Video Stabilization – is an image processing technology in shooting equipment that allows (in addition to compensating for camera movement) to fully or partially compensate for the movement of one of the objects in the frame and improve image quality by reducing the blurring of important storyline details.

Why do we need video stabilization?

What do you think is the difference between a video made by a professional and an amateur? The very first thing you’ll notice is the shaking of the frame. There are two ways to avoid unwanted image shaking: using a tripod or camera stabilizer, or to eliminate frame shake with software stabilization. Software stabilization is used to correct footage that has already been shot with frame shake.

manual camera stabilizer

To shoot on the move, professional video productions uses a manual camera stabilizer, also known as Steadicam. Steadicam allows cameramen to shoot video without interfering with movement, and the frame is obtained without shaking and vibration. As opposed to cameramen’s trolleys and cranes, Steadicam does not require much time for installation and easily moves around the shooting set.


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