The script of a commercial is an important element in creating video and audio advertising. It is the advertising script that takes on a meaningful and attractive role. The effectiveness of commercial depends on how the information in the video is presented.

It is the idea, the storyline of the advertising video or audio clip, not the technique of execution, is able to make the viewer remember the advertised product and play in favour of the advertiser.

The script of an advertising video for TV is usually designed for 5, 15, 20 or 30 seconds shows and provides for the development of a full story advertising video. In shootings of videoclips can be involved actors, or can be used the possibility of animation. The video can be presentation, branding or promotional, stimulating the demand and increasing sales.

Television advertising is characterized by its effectiveness in terms of the viewer’s perception of information – it’s the sound and play of actors, it’s beautiful images and well thought out phrases, it’s text and melody, it’s our associations.


The main purpose of the script of the commercial – a thorough presentation and delivery of the author’s idea. In its final form, a commercial script is a document that thoroughly describes the content of each episode and the requirements for the phonogram accompanying the video sequence.

Writing a script for a commercial is a rather complicated process. The process of writing should harmoniously combine the development of the idea, the description of filming material and all the nuances of postproduction. VideoNova Production provides services for the production of a script for a commercial, as well as turnkey production of a commercial. 

The script is written solely on the basis of the provided brief, which contains detailed information about the product, company, competitors, detailed advertising message that we must convey to the consumer, etc.


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