On-camera light

Why do we need on-camera light?

Camera light, flashlight, video light – all this is the name of one device, which is necessary for every cameraman, if he certainly wants to get quality video material, shooting in poor lighting. For any video camera – amateur or professional, to shoot at night or in a room with poor lighting just need an additional light source. On-camera light is mainly used in reportage applications where it is not possible to predict the weather or the lighting level in the reportage room accurately. In such cases, as a rule, additional light is used – on-camera light.


In fact, at the moment on the market are all kinds of on-camera light fixtures with different characteristics and features, a lot of product lines from different manufacturers. The characteristics of these luminaires can be quite similar – the function is the same! On-camera lights for photo and video cameras are usually small devices that create diffuse light. They are powered by lithium (Li-ion) batteries. The most important indicator is the level of light spread, which has to be uniform and smoothly reduced without visible dips or bursts. Among the significant advantages, as can be noted, the possibility of focusing, that is, obtaining a beam of light of different widths and intensity.

Without good light, the image can become blurred, there will be all kinds of noise, not always has time to autofocus. By illuminating the subject in the dark, external lamps make the image more expressive and colours more vivid.

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