The story of one commercial: Soffione

order and pre-production

When the Kyiv Cardboard and Paper Mill needed to shoot a commercial to promote its products, they contacted our video production. We were faced with the task of making a light and interesting video. What can be fun in promoting paper towels? As it turned out – everything! It was one of the most interesting projects if only because of the hands and even the cat acted as actors. But it was all in order. To make sure that our vision of the video coincides with that of the client, we create a storyboard. This is a rough sketch of what the main footage will look like in the script. When the storyboard was approved, we proceeded with the selection of sets and actors.

cat filming

In the script, one of the rollers, a cat runs across the table and drops a vase. Our employee’s cat passed the casting (not thanks to relationships, I swear!). The problem was that the animal’s upbringing did not allow it to walk on surfaces above one meter. That’ s why the cat refused to play her part. To the music from the “Benny Hill Show”, the entire team chased after a stubborn actress. And yet our tenacity took over – the scene was shot, the victory was ours!


On a scene of advertising: the guy and the girl a romantic dinner during which the girl spills wine on a tablecloth, but in a shot should be visible only hands. So we did a hand casting (yes!) and sent photos and videos to the customer. Having received the feedback and the number of winners, we started shooting: we made a tablecloth, put cutlery, lit candles and poured cherry juice into the glasses. The dating was a success… for us 🙂

yummy story

To shoot this video, a survey was conducted on who would take the honour of preparing the rouge chicken. It turned out that such a responsible work raised doubts about the culinary abilities of each member of the Video Production team, so we had to turn to professionals. Luckily, the video didn’t need a live sound, otherwise, you would have heard a choir of rumbling bellies in the commercial. And, as you understand, after the filming, the props were not lost in vain 🙂

amazing results

A total of 5 stop-motions commercial video were filmed and in two months, on the client’s Youtube channel, they collected a total of 360,000 views! It was a pleasant and inspiring result.

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