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The ideal scheme for finding a creative idea for a promotional video is the joint work of the creative department and production. There was always the question: “We need an advertising video that sells, but our budget is limited!”. Being within the budget, the creative agency is obliged to provide the client with a good idea that will be the basis of the promotional video, while fully complying with the brief.

The world’s technological development is proceeding at an incredible speed, which is influenced by video production capabilities. Creative department does not have to know the latest innovations and ways of shooting and postproduction, its task is an effective idea of promotional video. But the question of production capabilities is directly on the production department itself.

Having the basis of the idea of a creative department with the help of production professionals it is possible to adjust the budget of video production and significantly improve the advertising video even at the stage of writing the script.

Thus VideoNova Production together with the creative department of Twiga agency provided the idea of the commercial video of Italian sauce.


The search for a creative idea consists of brainstorming – a set of crazy and brilliant ideas issued by a creative group in a very short time and filtering the information received. Always in a group, the person who can separate from a general stream the brilliant idea which constantly is visible and gets in a focus only on brainstorming is defined. The next thing to do is to brush it, shake it off and prepare it to meet the client. It’s all really elementary (everything genius is simple).

All that remains is the question: “Why do most TV commercials make us switch channels?” Naturally, because of certain difficulties at all stages of the previous rotation of the video… The unbrushed idea, bad budget for production, bad idea of the video, overrotation… And a minimum audience is provided for you. Therefore, it makes sense not to throw away the advertising budget to the wind, but to turn to a good, proven advertising agency with a world reputation. And only then the advertising budget correctly will work exclusively on your product, and not on filling the advertising time.

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