The role of video production in marketing

The role of video production in marketing

What does video production seem to have to do with marketing? Shoot yourself a video, edit it, and give it to the client. But with the increasing popularity of video content, the role of production has expanded. Not all companies can (or want to) considered a high budget for creative agencies, instead of using their own marketers to solve the problem of creating an advertising video. At the same time, not every staff marketer has experience in this difficult business.

Customers often come to us only with the name of the product and ask what we can offer. That is, the idea of “how to advertise the product” falls on our shoulders. To do this, we hone our skills not only in filming, video editing and animation but also in creating creative ideas.

Creating an idea for a commercial

Everyone who is in the theme knows the basic rules of video advertising: the video should be short, to “catch” in the first 5 seconds, be perceived without sound or contain subtitles, have a call to action. So, the point to “catch” in the first 5 seconds” – the main headache not only marketers but also for us – video production companies. How to attract the attention of a person who you have not seen in the face? There are several standard techniques:

    • intrigue (to show a scene that involves the continuation or beginning of some action),
    • surprise (to show what the viewer does not expect to see: a lion pulls out a razor and shaving foam),
    • make a unique offer (start with a promotional offer),
    • celebrity engagement,
    • show a smiling character (according to ThinkWithGoogle, viewing statistics are increased when the first person on the screen sees a smile)

Any of these methods can give different results – everything depends on the target audience and the advertised product, and sometimes on the mood of the viewer at the moment of viewing. And, despite the fact that the task of the video production is just to make a quality video, we are interested in it to give a positive result to the client. Because, in this case, the customer will contact us to create the next video and recommend us to partners.

Of course, we cannot influence the marketing campaign and even the coolest video will be ineffective if it is shown to the wrong target audience, at the wrong time or on the wrong site. But, over 13 years of experience, we have worked with marketing experts, discussed ideas and built concepts with them. So, while working on the video, we share with the client our thoughts on improving the video based on our experience.

Let us share this experience with you too! Contact us, we will be happy to answer all your questions!

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