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Dedolight is a professional precision luminaire with power. The Aspherics2 lens system spreads light evenly across the field. The most multifunctional and versatile light source in the video industry.

Dedolight 150W is a luminaire with a halogen lamp (3200K colour temperature) and includes award-winning technology:
1) Aspherics2 is a system of two aspherical lenses with perfectly matched surface curvature formulas for each of the many focusing positions. With this system it has been possible to significantly improve the luminous flux characteristics of the instrument:
– luminous efficacy,
– uniformity of distribution inside the beam,
– the unique nature of the beam, the quality of light distribution in the beam,
– high focus ratio due to additional movement of optical elements inside the device,
– increased light output in a wide beam,
– the ability to control luminous flux in all focus positions from ultra-wide to the ultra-narrow beam.

2) DLH4 is the best professional precision lighting fixture in the world.
It has a G6.35 base and works with 12V/20, 35, 50 and 100W or 24V/150W low voltage lamps.
The lamps used in the classic Dedolight product line have significant advantages:
– low voltage lamps provide very high luminous efficacy: up to 40 lm/W. This is twice as high in practice as the 220V high voltage lamps used in the vast majority of incandescent light bulbs worldwide,
– the small size of the luminous element of the lamp, which ensures the efficiency of the optical system of the device,
– long service life up to 1000h,
– high durability and reliability of lamps allow Dedolight devices to be used in the most aggressive environments and adverse conditions. The ability to withstand shock and vibration makes Dedolight a unique tool for situations where no other device with standard voltage lamps can be used.

All Dedolight devices powered by 12V and 24V low voltage 100W and 150W lamps respectively can be powered by Dedolight power supplies as well as other sources such as a camera or car batteries (directly or via the cigarette lighter socket), battery belts or any other 12V or 24V AC or DC source.
Standard power supplies for the DLH4 are compact, lightweight and have a built-in dimmer.  Dimming in the latest generation of power supplies (DT24-1 and DIMTA3) is achieved by means of Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) at 25 kHz. Thus, brightness changes from 0 to 100%, complete silence, no low-frequency sound pickups, no flickering. The DT24-3 and DT12-4 power supply units are more massive and are used more often in the studio or for trips abroad, as they have a universal power supply. The dimming of these power supplies is stepwise.

The advantages of DEDOLIGHT:

  • compact size and weight;
  • using the unique Aspherics2 system of two aspherical lenses with perfectly matched surface curvature formulas for each of the many focusing positions;
  • high luminous efficacy;
  • uniform and correct colour temperature distribution of light at each point of the beam at all focusing levels;
  • a convenient mechanism to control the angle of the beam;
  • large selection of original accessories and fixtures for the luminaire;
  • can work with both conventional and low voltage lamps;
  • possibility to use different types of power supplies (AC/DC);
  • ability to withstand high shock loads and vibrations.

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