Promotional video for EALC logistics company

Starting work with EALC

VideoNova production has faced a challenging task to create an engaging promo video for a logistics company. EALC is a company that positions itself as a 4PL operator, which means that the company’s interaction is involved in the supply process. EALC provides a full range of logistics services: transportation and expedition, inventory accounting and management, documentation, storage and cargo handling, delivery to the end customer.

Our task was to shoot and edit a video that explains all company’s activities, presents its scope as well as the advantages: process automation and accounting control. EALC has large storage facilities, so we used drones for filming. Shooting from drones allowed to show the scale of the company outside and inside without disturbing employees. We used animation to indicate the company’s geography.

English version of the video.

Adaptation of the video for international customers.

After completing the shooting, we proceed to video editing. All material is reviewed and the most successful duplicates are selected, which, in the process of glueing, are adjusted to the sound of a professional speaker. EALC is an international company, so we made the video for Ukrainian and foreign clients. Accordingly, for the latter, the sounding was made by an English-speaking announcer. Our video production for a long time of work has collected a large database of native speakers in different languages and accents.


After adding background music, the video was transferred to the client, who uses it now to promote his services. And we got new knowledge about the logistics companies work, met people who love their work and are devoted to their work. It was a great experience for us.

The promotional video is an opportunity to increase customers’ trust, to explain complex mechanisms of work, to demonstrate the level and quality of services. Such presentation can be used in all types of video marketing: as a video business card, for presentations on forums, as video content on the website and social networks, as well as online media. At the moment, video is one of the main digital marketing tools for promoting brands, products and services.

Our video work for EALC.

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