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The microphone is the very first link in the sound path. Digital microphones convert the membrane vibration directly into a digital signal. Types of microphones by the way they convert acoustic vibrations into electrical vibrations. The first microphone is Bell’s liquid transmitter (invented by Bell in 1876).

Nowadays there are many kinds of these devices.

Microphone (from greek. μικρός – small, φωνη – voice) – an electroacoustic device that converts acoustic vibrations into an electrical signal.

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The most common types of microphones:
  • vocal mic,
  • dynamic mic,
  • capacitor mic.

The capacitor microphone is distinguished by its complex design. Depends on the external power source. It is connected to amplifiers or mixers. The condenser microphone is very sensitive and has a clear sound. Its cost is slightly higher than other types of microphones. It is perfectly suited for vocal performance.

The vocal microphone is adapted to work with voice.

Dynamic microphones are the most unpretentious, so they can also be used outdoors. This microphone does not require an additional power source and is reliable enough.

In addition, there are different applications for microphones. For example, there is a distinction between studio, instrument, measuring and other types of microphones.


This mobile device acts as a microphone and at the same time is connected to the radio channel, allowing it to be used at a certain distance.  The advantages of a radio microphone are obvious:

  • the radio microphone works wirelessly and is easy to use as it is not dependent on a wired network;
  • the signal level that the radio microphone receives and transmits is highly stable;
  • the radio microphone does not cause discomfort, it can be used during any performance on stage, dance, singing, moving around, including – on the street;
  • the radio microphone has a continuous operating time of 30 hours.

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