Video editing

So, video editing. What’s it?

A hard process of developing video files, which includes: selecting the best takes, glueing them into one video and exporting them to the necessary format for further editing, the format is called video editing. Video editing is one of the final stages of video production, the latter can be considered only retouching, colour correction and toning. Often a client, by the term video editing, means a full cycle of material processing, so it is necessary to focus on a set of actions that are part of video editing services.

Video editing cost

Depending on the source material, the ability of the cameraman and the film crew to provide high-quality sources, to conduct the installation, as well as on the resolution of the picture – the installation is complicated at times. So, for example, the same video, shot on different equipment and different teams, you can mount from 2 hours to 2 months. The spread of numbers is not an exaggeration, but an extremity. It is difficult to answer a question in a tube: “How much does it cost you to mount a three-minute video? – and then they add it up right away: – This is not political advertising!” Well, everything’s become clear, and the only answer is, “$2,000, as usual.” And in fact, it’s necessary to look at the source material: what is it in terms of volume, how many takes, whether it’s edited, whether you need a director to edit… It’s impossible to determine the price of the video editing from the head it’s not buying bread in a market!

So how do you can get the cost of video editing?

As an option of simple miscalculations a completed brief on video production. You can send us a message or mail, and we will send you a brief, based on which we can estimate the cost of creating or editing the video.

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