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What’s the point of a overview video?

An overview video is a great way to showcase your product, describe its features and discover the benefits.  Such a video should be short, informative, but at the same time “alive”. When a person is thinking about buying a product and looking for an overview – it wants to hear the opinion of an experienced user, who will point out the pros and cons, as well as compare its characteristics with a similar device.

What do you have to show in this video?

  • Unpacking – so that the customer is not surprised by the presence or absence of any components.
  • Ergonomics – to show how convenient it is to use the device, whether the case and external elements are reliable.
  • Function testing – whether everything works quickly and according to the declared characteristics.
  • Advantages – what what makes it different you from competitors, describe the benefits of a device.
  • Disadvantages – it should also be specified, so the video does not look like an advertisement. It is possible to specify what could improve the product, but at the same time to emphasize that it would affect the price.
  • Comparison – it would be good to compare it with a similar device of another brand, between which, most often, buyers cannot make a choice.
  • Conclusion – to sum up and note why it is worth buying this gadget, who it fits and why it is worth choosing it among other devices.
The presenter on the screen should be a “friend”, a “good acquaintance” of your potential buyer, not your sales rep.

For a video review, you need to choose a presenter, a blogger who can inspire trust and authority with the target audience. Of course, it should have a good diction, correct and confident speech, but it is necessary that he speaks the “language” of his audience. It is acceptable, and sometimes even preferably, to use slang, but without parasitic words. Remove business speech for presentations, it is boring and dully. The presenter on the screen should be a “friend”, a “good acquaintance” of your potential buyer, not your sales rep.

The sex of a video blogger, age and appearance of a video blogger depends only on the target audience. It is preferably that it was a person of the same age or a little bit older than the potential buyer, who has a pleasant appearance. Although the latter is not necessary if the blogger has charisma. Since the main consumer of gadgets is male, they are likely to listen to men. No offense, ladies 🙂

Why should the video be short?

If a person watches the product review, most likely, it has already read it in detail, but still has doubts about any of its functions or usability.  And this person doesn’t need a half an hour explanation of what he already knows, he wants to hear what isn’t in the specifications, or what you can only learn by using the gadget. That is the viewer wants to get the information that he or she would discover by itself while testing the product in an offline store. Even if it doesn’t know anything about the subject of the overview video – a short, easy-to-handle information video has a better chance of attracting him than a long-length video.

What is required for overview video?

When an order is placed for a video review, the first thing we ask for is a reference. The reference includes:

  1. Examples of video reviews that we liked so that we could understand what style of presentation should be.
  2. Video reviews that the client didn’t like, so we know exactly what the video shouldn’t be in the future – it saves time on filming and editing.
  3. Video format: duration, whether the presenter should be in the frame or just his hands, what language he should speak.
  4. Requirements for gender, age and appearance of the presenter, if there are any.
  5. Requirements for the background, the presenter’s clothing and the set presented in the frame.

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