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Extras – the name of the participants of the directed mass scenes, as well as the scenes themselves (and the process of filming them in the cinema and on television).

In cinematography, television and theater, non-professional actors are usually used for massa. Usually, they talk about extra when shooting large-scale episodes with the number of actors from 30 or more.

The first masks were used in Italian historical films of the 1910s – Como Gryadeshi, Liberated Jerusalem, Cabiria. In shooting some shots in these films are involved several hundred extras.

Extras – the name of the participants of the directed mass scenes, as well as the scenes themselves (and the process of filming them in the cinema and on television).

Backstage from the music video shooting.

Organizing and selecting the actors for extra is not an easy task

Above all, it is a huge investment of time and talent of the coordinator. There are two main nuances when working with the moulding.

1. For example, you need a few people for the shooting (a few – I mean up to 30 people). In this case, the main time is spent on the choice of these people, which is quite logical. If there are up to 30 people on the set, all of them are likely to get in the frame and it is important that the type is suitable, that everyone is tidy and adequate on the set. If the masking actor in the frame still has to interact with the main actors – at least basic acting skills are welcome. The initial selection is very important! Do not underestimate it and think that such a choice is made at the random method in the Facebook profiles. I can assure you – no!

2. Cases where more than 30 people are involved in the shooting. Have you ever tried to get more than 30 people together without being late, so that everyone can do it for sure and no one will let you down? That’s right! And that’s assuming that all those 30 people are probably your friends and acquaintances, now imagine the same number of Unfamiliar People in this situation. Recruitment of a large number of people for masking is primarily about perfect coordination and interaction. It is attention and focuses on the set, it is constant control.  It’s instruction and monitoring. Before you start filming, you need to tell the rules of behaviour and describe everything you expect from the extras. The rules at different venues are different, but the main one is the prohibition to take pictures in order to avoid information leaks, the prohibition to approach the main actors, in any case not to look directly into the camera, etc. Each set has its own rules for working with the crowd. Not everything is as simple as it may seem from the outside.

Can work as an extra be a step towards glory?

Leonardo DiCaprio began his career, playing small roles in episodes of the series “Rosanna” and “The New Adventures of Lassie,” and after received a larger role in another soap opera – “Santa Barbara. By the way, this is quite a little-known fact.

Orlando Bloom – began his career with occasional roles in the TV series “The Accident. It’s true Bloom had a basic acting education by now.

With a 15-second appearance in the film “Fire Department” began her career and Julia Roberts, who for several years played tiny roles in little-known films before she was able to attract the attention of producers and achieve roles. at least the second plan. What happened next – we already know)

When the little kids were still playing in the dolls, Keira Knightley was already filmed as an extras, participated in many TV shows and received occasional roles in the series.

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