The film “Tymofei Nahornyi. Sincerely!”

Everyone was shocked by the situation with our friend Tymofei Nahornyi. Someone has been shocked and he is quietly sitting in bewilderment, and someone is ready to express his opinion.

We know Tymofei exceptionally as a volunteer who spared no effort, time or money for the organization charity events. We have participated in no more than 20 events and, believe us, it was a monumental work done. Meanwhile he’s got over 600 events…

The joy in the eyes of orphans, disadvantaged and disabled children at such events leaves a vivid image in memory that won’t fade with time

All of us is very lucky to live and be able to read this text on a personal device. And we don’t even think about the fact that some people can only dream about it. The minutes of joy that these children experience cannot be commensurate with the joy of buying you a new device or a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower. Those who have never been to such events will not be able to fully understand these lines. And whoever’s been participated at least once will always agree to do it again.

We do not praise Tymofei Nahornyi as an idol. He is just a Man with his own views, goals and a great deal of life experience, who had to go through a lot. As we know, experience is not the number of years lived, but the length of the way passed. Tymofei is not the one who sits in one place…

We asked him to tell us about the reasons that gave him this vector and that help him to maintain the strength of his spirit and positive energy in any situation.

This is how the film “Tymofei Nahornyi. Sincerely!” was born.


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