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English is an international language that helps people from all countries to communicate. But can a child learn English well from a non-native speaker? Our video production team visited the British International School in Ukraine and made a video in which the teachers of the school told us how unique it is. It turned out that at the school the students learn English with native speakers and, in addition, receive education in other disciplines. This school is analogous to private schools in the UK. Children are taught both discipline and critical thinking skills, as well as developing their creativity and global thinking.

What After School?

Being among peers of different nationalities helps students realize that they are part of a global community. And learning about different cultures fosters a child’s respect for others’ customs and openness to new ones. All of this develops the character traits necessary to succeed in the future. After the final exams, each student receives the Ukrainian school certificate and international diplomas Cambridge IGCSE and IB Diploma Program, which will allow them to apply to universities worldwide.

What’s the video about?

In this video, we showed the process of teaching students, how it differs from monotonous and boring classes, and combined it with the frames of interaction between teachers and students. Thanks to the inserts with the interview we showed the level of English proficiency. This promotional video shows not only the mission and values of the institution but also its quality and professionalism. Every visitor to the site, thanks to the video, will be able to see the inside view of the organization as if he himself had been there and heard a story about the school from the headmaster and teachers at first hand.

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